For All Your Computer Needs

Flashback: When I went to college in the eighties to study mathematics and computer science, I started to use a computer, but it was an IBM mainframe. To calculate some homework I had to sit at a card puncher terminal to create a small program that ran overnight, just to find out next morning that I had a “syntax error in line 12” or so. GIGO strikes again! (If you’re over 40, you might know that this means “garbage in, garbage out”). But I was just using a computer to learn how to write code and program. Then the IBM Personal Computer came out! I started using it to entertain myself with some basic games, but also to create documents for college and my master’s thesis. I did work a bit with a Compaq portable computer. My wife called this computer a “Schleptop;” no one really wanted to lug around a 34 pound PC! The Internet did not really exist yet. Read More at Piedmont Lifestyle