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Believe me – at least once in awhile you should clean your keyboard.  Especially when you had a cold or spilled some food onto it. I turned my external keyboard over lately and a ton of crumbs and other stuff landed on my desk.

Here are some other recommendations to further clean your keyboard:

  1. First you might want to disconnect the keyboard and turn off the computer to begin with
  2. Using a normal vacuum cleaner will probably not help much., but in case you try, pay attention that no keys get sucked in.
  3. There are special vacuums and/or adapters available that allow to vacuum between and around keys
  4. Blowing air onto the keyboard might do a better job. Either use a compressor / compressed air or try to blow onto it.
  5. After you got the crumbs and dust off you should use like a clorox wipe or a damp towel to wipe over the top of the keys. Try not to use a too wet wipe – no liquid should get under the keys. When you wipe over the keys be careful not to rip off key tops. I usually circle my finger over keys with the wipe that are especially dirty. Afterwards you can use a try towel to wipe over again.
  6. Now wait until the keyboard looks all dry and test that all the keys are working correctly.

I hope this was helpful – happy cleaning

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