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Dok Klaus: A German-American Success Story

Dok Klaus Computer Care recently celebrated its 20th year Anniversary!, and after winning 11 consecutive awards for Best of Warrenton for Computer Repairs and Service, is now recognized as Best of Fauquier.  “Dok Klaus,” a West Berliner with years of international telecommunications, programming, and computer experience, immigrated to Warrenton with his German-American family in 2001. Always helpful with repairs and advice, he soon became known to friends and neighbors as the “PC Dok,” which led to the founding of his own business.

From modest beginnings in July 2002, Klaus Fuechsel morphed from a lone computer guy to the familiar face of Dok Klaus Computer Care, originally in Old Town and now in its own spacious grounds on Waterloo Street, Warrenton. Dok and his team of technicians are known throughout the suburban/rural Piedmont region for personalized computer care, network engineering, web development, and custom solutions for businesses and homeowners. The company’s approach differs from national franchises and outsourced technical support by doing things the “Dok Klaus Way.”

Klaus emphasizes talking the “language of the client.” Building trust and loyalty through face-to-face consultations, Dok provides consumer education and creative problem solving. He makes house calls to business and private homes, and provides remote support, too. All of this is delivered with good-natured German humor and a personal commitment to quality.  And Dok believes in educating his clients; check out some of his published articles at!

Dok cares for ALL your computer needs – business and residential

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Meet the Dok

Klaus Fuechsel – COMPANY FOUNDER


“Dok Klaus,” from West Berlin, is known for his attention to details and quality, as well as his German humor. After coming to Warrenton, Klaus helped friends and neighbors as a “PC Dok,” which led to the founding of his own business. He’s very proud to have celebrated his grand 20th year company Anniversary! Klaus still loves solving problems, checking in with residential and small business clients, and chatting auf Deutsch with fans.

Our Team

Steve Yocum – Service Manager


With 38+ years experience in consumer electronics repair, Steve is our expert for desktops and laptops. He also repairs Windows operating systems and performs clean-ups. Steve plays bass, enjoys writing and creating music with like-minded friends, was the Bass Player for Naveen, a local Christian Rock Band, and loves fishing.

Steve at Dok Klaus



Bill brings 40+ years of experience in commercial and consumer electronics to Dok’s team, including expertise as a workgroup solutions architect, network and Citrix Metaframe engineering, and “whitebox” computer manufacturing. He is a connoisseur of operating systems starting with CP/M in 1982. Bill delights in resolving arcane technical matters and providing technical assistance to those providing the front level support.

Bill at Dok Klaus



Virginia, better known as “Mrs. Klaus,” oversees operations, keeps the accounts in order, attends to ads and articles, and supports the team by keeping the business responsive to client and market needs. In her spare time, she loves to practice the piano and organ, sing, embroider, walk the puppy, and work in the garden


SILVIA FUECHSEL – Office Manager/Corporate Secretary

Silvia has been involved with the family business in one role or another after school or during vacations since the company was founded; she has always enjoyed working with technology. Silvia recently moved back from Germany to manage the office and work with our clients. In her spare time, she enjoys long walks around the town with her dog, crocheting, computer games, and playing the piano.


Jacob Eberly – Computer Technician


Jacob is finishing his Associates degree at Northern Virginia Community College, majoring in Cyber Security. While working with us, he’s added to his knowledge about keeping computers safe and secure from hackers, viruses, phishing scams, and more.




Born and raised in Fauquier county, Bill brings over 30 years of experience in networking and software engineering fields. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Strayer University. Bill loves spending time with his six grandchildren, reading, and is another employee who loves fishing.


Dok’s Commitment to the Client

Dok Klaus and his team stand behind their services. The setup and work processes are designed for quality. In case something is not 100% the way you anticipated it, Dok Klaus offers a 7-day warranty on his services.

History of Klausi-Mausies

Click on Klausi-Mausi to see him in action!
Dok’s team mascot: the Klausi-Mausi. This copyrighted creation came to life over a decade ago as a mnemonic for the German pronunciation of Klaus. First hand-drawn by Melanie Fuechsel, one of Dok’s daughters, it was perfected and digitized by Cindy Raggo. Together with Cindy’s “Usual Suspects” the Klausi-Mausi appears regularly in Dok Klaus Computer Care advertisements, comic strips, calendars, and swag.

Fauquier Chamber of Commerce Membership


Dok Klaus is a proud member of the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce, whose mission is to be a resource for the business, government and community interests of local businesses.