We care for ALL your computer needs with commitment to:


  • Quality support
  • Polite and timely responses to questions
  • As thorough a diagnostic as possible
  • No work done without approval
  • Service completed in-house
What is your warranty policy?
Dok Klaus and his team stand behind their services. The setup and work processes are designed for quality. In case something is not 100% the way you anticipated it, Dok Klaus offers a 7-day warranty on his services. That does not mean that we might help you at no charge at a later point in time, if a clear oversight on our side occurred.
What is the repair turnaround time?
Dok’s diagnostic process averages 3 business days

Depending on the situation, repairs take 3-5 business days

  • If we can use in-stock parts, repair time may be shorter
  • Some parts are only available from China which entails extra days for delivery
  • Repair may be delayed if we can’t reach you
  • Repair may be delayed if a part is defective and has to be reordered
Can you get a job done faster?
  • Yes! But Dok charges a $150 Emergency Service Fee when accepting expedited orders, holidays, Sundays, and 24-hour turn-around service. This means we prioritize your system before others and start the diagnostic within hours of drop-off. This service request will be rushed and is ideal for virus removal/cleanups.
  • If a part is needed urgently we will try to order it with overnight delivery, but this cannot be guaranteed.
  • When you check your unit in and need it by a certain date, please give us this information right away. Repeated status updates cause delays as our technicians have to stop repairs to answer calls.

Click here for more details.

What is your diagnostic charge?
Our diagnostic fee is $80 per checked in unit. This diagnostic fee in collected at the time of drop-off and is not refundable. Click here to see what it covers.
Do you offer service for mobile phones, tablets, TVs, or other electronics?

Sorry, we do not repair these devices.

What if Dok can't reproduce the problem at the office?
Believe us, it is equally frustrating for us when we cannot reproduce or find anything wrong regarding the issue which you asked us to fix. In these cases, we perform extensive additional tests. The diagnostic fee covers the time our team spends on this process. Regardless of the outcome, we advise you on possible reasons why it originally happened; common issues include: internet connectivity, provider troubles, malfunctioning hardware, or cabling at home.
What virus protection does my PC need?
As long as your device is connected via cable or wireless network to external devices or the internet, there is no total protection from virus and cyber attacks.

In general, we recommend the following to improve your defenses:

  • Use (just one!) good antivirus program
  • Limit your internet use to safe websites
  • Do not open emails that look suspicious
  • Do not click on ads and pop-ups
  • Double-check website spelling when entering it manually, to avoid fake or phishing sites
  • Hang up if someone calls you saying your system has problems; these are usually expensive hoaxes
  • If you need support for your software, etc. make sure you go to the website listed in your manufacturer’s materials. If you Google, you may get a bogus site phishing for your information.
  • Do not let anyone log into your computer who you don’t know personally
  • Avoid working in “free” public internet environments
What should I bring in with my unit?
  • The device giving you issues
  • Power adapter (unless it is a desktop)
  • List of all important passwords. Without your computer login and correct information for your programs and accounts such as Microsoft or Apple, repair tickets can be delayed for days. If the unit is BitLockered, we must have the correct Microsoft account credentials to decrypt the data.
  • If possible, a detailed problem description with any supporting documents that show the issue, such as screenshots of the problem, smartphone image/video of the error, etc. This can really speed up the diagnostic process.
What about my personal information and contacts?
Dok’s policy is to keep your hardware and data secure and private. Dok does not share your contact information with 3rd-party vendors. The only thing we use the provided email address for is to contact you regarding questions and billing, or to register software on your behalf.

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