Data Care

Would you freak out if your documents were lost?

If your photos and videos were gone?

Or your financial records went missing?

We care about keeping your data safe!

We’ve rescued lots of valuable data, for example:
Photographer’s pictures from a wedding
Only copy of a dissertation in progress
Old data from a floppy drive

Lost financial charts in time for tax returns

    • Because we care, we generally make a temporary back-up of your data before beginning a system repair
    • We can save and transfer data to a
      • new internal drive
      • external drive
      • Cloud storage
      • USB stick/flash drive
    • We replace failing mechanical drives with Solid State Drives
    • We upgrade drives that are getting full
    • We provide Consultations and optimal backup solutions 
    • Reformatting, and in some cases, fixing a thumb drive is possible
    • We provide backup training sessions for users
    • We can check your data backups remotely
    • And yes, we do emergency saves and transfers
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Data transfers can be a complicated and time-consuming process, especially when upgrading from a very old system, or between different operating systems. In such cases, some of your programs may not be compatible anymore, but we provide options and work hard to minimize loss of data and desired functionality.

We can’t promise the moon, but we have a good success rate with recoveries and data saves from failing but still readable hard drives. And if we can’t, not all is lost. We partner with Drive Savers for broken drives; they’re a specialized data recovery center with a clean room environment. We’ll provide our discount code to get you $100 off the recovery price.

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DOK'S Rx-Tip

Dok highly recommends making at least 2 backups of important data.


What do you do if a key password is compromised?

Or you can’t remember it?

We can help you recover and set up a new, secure password.

We can work with you through two factor authentications.

We can help you set up a safe password archive and recovery system.

As good and convenient security features such as Face or Finger Login ID may seem, there are times when they can become obstacles. When your computer needs to be rescued, we can’t do our job without accurate login information, including your Microsoft account credentials, if applicable.

Dok’s team is not a fan of BitLocker, because if you can’t provide the correct Bitlocker key when needed, it hinders us from fixing your computer!

Anti-virus Software

Dok Klaus Computer Care checks Microsoft-based systems to make sure your antivirus program is up-to-date and effective.

Our team’s favorite is BitDefender cybersecurity software.

Having multiple antivirus programs installed can cause trouble with the OS and let malicious viruses slip through!

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Need to get rid of old data drives?

We generally give you back your old drive. But if you don’t want them, we have a secure in-house data wipe service.

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Extra Data Care Options

Dok’s Team offers these services on an as needed basis:
Data consolidation and organization
Digitizing old photos, documents, and slides
Recovery and transfer from floppy drives or CDs
USB stick repair
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