Maintenance and Repair

$80 payable at check-in. Applied after client approval of 
recommended services and costs to final invoice* 
Please bring: 
  • Power adapters for laptop computers
  • Passwords! Your login or PIN, and, as needed, Microsoft account username & password (or Apple ID), BitLocker key, and credentials for essential programs and your antivirus software account.
Dok’s team performs a thorough inspection of the hardware & 
software you checked in, including 
  • Hard drive status
  • System health
  • Internal dust out
  • Data scan for virus, malware, hadware infections
  • Troubleshooting reported problem(s)

* Note: The $80 paid at check-in covers the computer’s diagnostics and does not act as a deposit towards work done if you decline services or opt for data retrieval only.

How long will it take?

Dok’s diagnostic process averages 3 business days. Depending on the situation, repairs take 3-5 business days

●  If we can use in-stock parts, repair time may be shorter

●  If a part has to be ordered from overseas, repair time is longer

●  Repair may be delayed if we can’t reach you for crucial information

●  Repair may be delayed if a part we ordered is defective and has to be reordered

What can speed up repair time?
Staying reachable, providing correct passwords and key information, bringing your 
power charger (except for desktops),  and if we have the parts in stock. 
What can delay repair?
Missing or incorrect passwords, we can’t reach you for questions or approval, or if we have to 
order parts. 
Computer won’t boot?
Something’s broken?
Got hacked?

Dok’s Tech Team is here for YOU!

What’s different about Dok’s Diagnostic?
We listen to you!
We care about the safety of your data.
We take time to address your concerns.

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Hardware Repairs for Laptops, Desktops, All-in-Ones 

All kinds of parts can need repair, but the most frequent are:

Hard Drives

Palm rest & keyboard units

Power jacks

Power supplies and chargers

Note: no hardware repairs for cell phones, iPads, Microsoft Surfaces. 
Limited repairs for Apple units 

DOK'S Rx-Tip

Upgrade to a Solid State Hard Drive – much faster and better for data!


DOK'S Rx-Tip

Get a Time Machine back up drive – and use it regularly!

Apple Units! 

Dok has an Apple Specialist who consults with clients and offers: 

Analysis of hardware status, including iPads and iPhones 


Bypass of failing internal iMac HD with Thunderbolt 


External backups and Time Machine setups 


Reinstallation/upgrade of operating system 


Resolving software issues 


Ordering and setup of a new unit


Virus removal and cleanups 

Note: we perform only limited, out-of-warranty hardware repairs on Apple units. 
We do not repair iPhones or Tablet hardware.  

Virus and Post-Hack Cleanups 

Is your computer behaving weird? Gets annoying pop-ups? Worried you were hacked?

If you use the internet a lot, it is practically impossible to keep a system completely free of browser and/or data infections. Viruses can sneak in from multiple sources. Many popups are scary. And if you click, or worse, call and pay, they’ve got you! The financial and security damage can be high. See image here.

We root out viruses and malware, remove sketchy remote login programs, check your anti virus status, fine-tune settings, get your operating system up to date,  and install pop up blockers on your browsers.



  • We do new computer and sustom set-ups with data and installation of basic programs
  • We also do full system set-ups for home offices and small businesses.
Operating System  
Sometimes Windows gets corrupted and messes things up. Our services include restoring, updating, and upgrading out of date Windows systems. 
System Upgrades, including larger hard drives, additional memory, and 
switching from mechanical to solid state drives 
Antivirus Protection – getting the right defense is important for your 
  • Registration & installation of client’s antivirus program or BitDefender
  • Removal of unnecessary add-ons and old antivirus software
Custom Builds 
  • Assessment and fine-tuning of DIY builds
  • Consultation and custom-building of design, engineering, and gaming Desktops
  • Upgrades to client specifications 

Like your car, computers benefit from regular check-ups for physical wear and tear, state of your data, updates, and system health.

Sustainable Recycling 
After wiping the data thoroughly, some computers may be refurbished for 
sale or donated to charitable organizations. 
We extract some parts for re-use, and work with two companies for secure, 
sustainable recycling and disposal of all remaining hardware.  
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DOK'S Rx-Tip

Dok recommends an annual diagnostic and cleanup for your computer.

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“Mrs. Klaus” sends out postcards for annual checkups with a 10% discount on service!