Business Solutions

Who do you turn to when your system is down?

Essential programs won’t work on your operating system anymore?

Your main computer crashes?


As your business evolves, you need a trusted IT Partner to troubleshoot issues, maintain, upgrade and adapt your technology systems to your needs.

Dok’s team has worked with small businesses and professionals such as auto repair shops, accountants, doctors, engineers, fire departments, investors, lawyers, non-profits, real estate agents, remote workers, and teachers.

Whether you work from a home office, shop, or professional suite, Dok’s Team is here for you and offers:

1. Office IT assessment and consultations
2. Current system updates & upgrades
3. New system purchase and setups
4. Effective data backup & security options
5. Sharing data options & implementation
6. Installation of UPS battery backup devices for desktop stations

7. Support for Microsoft Office products
8. Internet connectivity troubleshooting
9. Setup of printer and other auxiliary devices
10. Microsoft and Apple Software installations, setups, and fine-tuning
11. Remote Support for data backups

12. Installation and integration of proprietary software such as:

  • Financial programs such as Quickbooks
  • Adobe Suite
  • Autocad
  • and more!

13. Scheduled maintenance checkups

Emergency Services

Dok understands that sometimes you need our service ASAP!

An extra $150-$200 fee will be charged if we accept an emergency case. There’s an additional surcharge for weekend emergency service.

An emergency service job becomes our top priority, but the following issues can delay the process:


Calling/Checking in late in the day

We can’t reach you quickly for necessary questions or feedback
If the drive requires data recovery
Parts that need to be ordered