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“I would like to thank Dok Klaus Computer Care for the great service I have received from them over the years. They have always solved any computer problem I had promptly and courteously.”

– Judith McKeller

“I am so grateful for your teaching, advice and then even your ability to print-out the fundamentals you taught. So many THANK YOUs! You are so honest, informative, and patient with my ignorance.”

– Carole H.

“For well over a decade, Dok Klaus has been highly responsive, highly competent, and always friendly. I am a demanding client; Klaus has earned my total confidence and appreciation.”

– Sam


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Super Solutions For All Your Computer Needs

Don’t let your computer slow you down. We diagnose and solve issues to keep your computer running at its best.

Dok’s Diagnostics

Hardware Repairs

Apple Support

Software Updates & Tune-Ups

Windows Support

Virus Removal & Clean-up

Data Recovery, Backups & Security

House Calls

If you have set-up, printer, or bad network connections, we have a House Call Specialist who can troubleshoot and find solutions on-site or pick up/drop off your unit.

Remote Support

If your computer can access the Internet, one of our technicians can provide software support and data backup checks remotely.

When needed, a technician can perform a live session with you.


Schedule a consultation for upcoming computer purchases, set-ups, gaming units, custom-built computers, and unique IT needs. We welcome preliminary email exchanges as well.

Personal Classes

Want to get the most out of your computer? Having trouble with your setup? Frustrated with everyday computer tasks? One of Dok’s techs can sit with you in a 1-on-1 session and explain things in a straightforward, easy-to-remember manner.

Business Hours

Data Recovery and Security

Dok’s Team prioritizes saving data, tightening security, cleaning out viruses and/or post-hack intrusions, back-ups, and getting computer systems up to date.


Select Units In Stock

Sometimes, time is of the essence. That’s why we offer a small selection of computers and parts – for your convenience!

Custom Computer Setup

Need more than the usual PC or laptop options on sale? We can design a custom system to fit your needs, whether you want a gaming, engineering, or super-quiet system. Provide your own parts or have us special order the perfect parts for your custom computer.

Where We Serve

Serving Fauquier County & surrounding areas for over 20 years

Who We Serve

General Users

Need help troubleshooting your computer setup? Or finding the best unit that fits your usage and home? Talk to us about your specific needs and we'll find the best solution for you.

Working Professionals and Gamers

No time to get your unit or setup fixed? No problem is too small. As needed, we supply phone or remote support and accommodate unit pickups and returns. Click here to see how it works.


Students & Lifelong Learners

Need a good setup for online classes, homework, and document sharing? Schedule a consultation to find the best low maintenance options for your educational priorities.

Get Easy Innovative
Solutions For Your Needs

Our highly trained technicians and consultants will listen to you, and make recommendations based on your needs and specifications.

Who We Are


Dok’s Team cares for your IT needs with data saves, computer repairs, house calls, and much more. Unlike big chains, we take the time to listen to you and find effective solutions. We work with home users, students, gamers, seniors, professionals, and small businesses. Voted Best of Warrenton/Fauquier for 17 consecutive years.


Why Choose Us?

Quality Support

Polite and Timely
Responses To Questions

No Work Done
Without Approval 
Service Completed

Family-Owned and Operated Since 2002

We believe the only thing more important than our technical skills is neighborly service. Our founder, Klaus, emphasizes talking the “language of the client.” Building trust and loyalty through personal consultations, Dok’s Team provides consumer education and creative problem-solving. Learn a little more about us here: About Us.

Small to Large-Scale Custom Setup’s

There is no job too small or too intricate. We provide custom home and office solutions. We’ll collaborate down to the details so that we can meet all your requirements and you don’t have to worry about it. Our experience and knowledge allows us to tailor-fit our services to your needs or specifications.

Thorough Diagnostic

Dok’s Team inspects the hardware and software you checked in, including data drive status, system health, scans for virus and other infections, troubleshooting reported problems, and internal dusting out. Learn More.

Continuous Support

Our help doesn’t end with the diagnosis, repair, or purchase. We intend to make sure you are getting all you can from your unit or set-up with various types of support: 1-to-1 session in the office, emails, remote help, on-site, house calls, and annual checkups. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the repair turnaround time?

Dok’s diagnostic process averages 3 business days. Depending on the situation, repairs take 3-5 business days

●  If we can use in-stock parts, repair time may be shorter

●  If a part has to be ordered from overseas, repair time is longer

●  Repair may be delayed if we can’t reach you for crucial information

●  Repair may be delayed if a part we ordered is defective and has to be reordered

Do you do service calls for emergency repairs?

Yes, we provide Emergency Services.

What are your rates?

$80 per unit for Dok’s Diagnostics

$40 per drive if the client only wants an assessment of data retrievability

$199 for Dok’s signature virus, malware, and post-hack cleanup

$190 hourly rate for onsite service (house calls)

$100 hourly rate for scheduled 1-to-1 classes and consultations

 Read more on rates

Do you offer a warranty?

Dok Klaus and his team stand behind their services. The setup and work processes are designed for quality. In case something is not 100% the way you anticipated it, Dok Klaus offers a 7-day warranty on his services.

What about my personal information and passwords?

Dok’s policy is to keep your hardware, information, and data secure and private. Dok does not share your contact information with 3rd-party vendors. The only thing we use the provided email address for is to contact you regarding questions and billing, or to register software on your behalf.

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