Computers for College

computers for college

Flashback: When I went to college in the eighties to study mathematics and computer science, I started to use a computer, but it was an IBM mainframe. To calculate some homework I had to sit at a card puncher terminal to create a small program that ran overnight, just to find out next morning that I had a “syntax error in line 12” or so. GIGO strikes again! (If you’re over 40, you might know that this means “garbage in, garbage out”). But I was just using a computer to learn how to write code and program. Then the IBM Personal Computer came out! I started using it to entertain myself with some basic games, but also to create documents for college and my master’s thesis. I did work a bit with a Compaq portable computer. My wife called this computer a “Schleptop;” no one really wanted to lug around a 34 pound PC! The Internet did not really exist yet. Read More at Piedmont Lifestyle

Tips for keeping your computer safe from the Heat!

Tips for keeping your computer safe from the Heat!

While you're trying to stay cool on these hot summer days, don't forget to keep your electronic devices out of the heat, too. Check out these articles!

Thank you, Dok

Thank you, Dok

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Klaus-Jürgen Helmut Füchsel

Klaus-Jürgen Helmut Füchsel

Klaus-Jürgen Helmut Füchsel of Warrenton, Virginia, known to many as “Dok Klaus”, passed away peacefully at home with his family on May 13, 2024, after 3 and a half years of battling brain cancer. Klaus was born on May 5th, 1960, in West Berlin, Germany to Heinz...

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