Bridging the Digital Divide

Bridging the Digital Divide

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, I wanted to share some technology information that may help seniors live a more connected life, and some items that may be great gift ideas for them. I am confident technology is moving towards making life better for the elderly, enabling them to retain their independence and live longer, fuller lives. Although seniors didn’t grow up with the Internet and social media, it will serve them well if they learn how to use today’s technology. The Internet, wireless devices, and smartphones build the backbone of “senior friendly” technology, and continue to evolve. Read More at Piedmont Lifestyle

A Desktop for your Desktop

A Desktop for your Desktop

Do you really need a laptop? Published Warrenton Lifestyle, April 2023 edition In the last decades, laptops have taken over the market and have distinct advantages. But the old-fashioned desktop computer is still worth considering for some computing needs and is...

Tip from the Dok about Batteries

Tip from the Dok about Batteries

Two commonly held untruths about laptop batteries:   1) They last forever. No! With care, the original batteries can last from 3-5 years. Replacements rarely hold up longer than two years. 2) You should always leave them plugged in. No! This habit is a battery...

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