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Residential and Business

All work brought to Dok’s Office is serviced on-site.
Dok also makes house calls!

Dok’s Diagnostic


diagnostic mouse
$80 – applicable upon approval to labor charge*

Dok’s team performs a thorough inspection of the hardware and software you checked in, including:

  • Hard drive status
  • System health
  • Internal dust out
  • Scan for virus/malware/adware infections
  • Troubleshooting reported problem(s)

The diagnostic process can take from 3-5 business days. Once complete, we will contact you right away:

  • With Dok’s Rx, options, and estimated cost
  • To get your decision/approval of proposed services


*  Does not apply if you decline services or opt for data retrieval only

Hardware Repairs

Laptops, Desktops, All-in-Ones.

Most frequent replacement/repairs:

  • Batteries
  • Fans
  • Hard Drives
  • Keyboards
  • Power jacks
  • Power supplies
  • Screens
  • Touchpads
  • Video cards
  • Note: no hardware repairs on Cellphones, iPads, Microsoft Surface units, or Tablets

DOK'S Rx-Tip

Upgrade to a Solid State Hard Drive – much faster and better for data!

Virus Removal/Cleanup

Hardly a day goes by without a virus-infected system in for cleanup.

If you use the internet a lot, it is pretty much impossible to keep a system completely free of infections. Viruses are programmed aggressively. They are often tricky, powerful and manage to bypass even the best virus protection software. Some viruses sneak in behind the scenes, recording and sending your keystrokes somewhere into the dark web. Other viruses can encrypt your data files and then pop up with a message asking you to pay money to get your data back (so-called ransomware). Clients usually bring us the unit when it starts behaving weird, unusually slow, or has annoying pop up messages.

Dok’s typical virus removal process includes:

  • Remote work on your hard drive with two different programs to ID and remove viruses, Trojans, adware, scareware, and other cyber threats.
  • Local tune-up with special tools to sweep over your system and make sure everything is cleaned up.

We also make sure you have valid and up-to-date antivirus software.

DOK'S Rx-Tip

Dok recommends an annual diagnostic and cleanup for your computer.

Data Recovery

Dok Klaus is known as the local go-to-service for data recovery.

Data recovery is needed when the computer is not booting up fully and blocking access todata files. This can happen when:

  • Your hard drive or equipment is failing
  • The Windows update has errors
  • Data was accidentally erased
  • Your computer was dropped

We transfer the recovered data to one of the following mediums (provided by you or purchased from us):

  • USB stick/flash drive
  • CD/DVD
  • External hard drive
  • Cloud storage
  • New computer

Over the years, Dok’s team has acquired extensive knowledge and great tools to perform data recovery. In the rare case that  the hard drive is totally inaccessible, we can send it for you to DriveSavers, a specialized data recovery center with a clean room environment. (Mention our code DS24842 to get $100 off the recovery service, if you contact them yourself.)

Data Backup

Dok believes in backing up data on a regular basis, and offers expert assistance. You can purchase backup software and media for installation and setup.

Data Transfer

Want to have data transferred from on older device?

We can transfer the recovered data to one of the following mediums (provided by you or purchased from us):

  • New computer (either provided by client or purchased from us)
  • External hard drive
  • CD/DVD
  • USB stick/flash drive
  • Cloud storage

DOK'S Rx-Tip

Dok highly recommends making at least 2 backups of important data.
This can be a complicated and cumbersome process especially when upgrading from a very old system, or between different operating systems. In such cases, some of your programs may not be available anymore, but we provide options and work hard to minimize loss of data and desired functionality.

Software & Windows Updates

To stay healthy, a computer needs regular software updates. Windows updates can be tricky and tax your internet download limits; Dok is glad to take care of these for you. We can update your favorite programs to keep them compatible with your operating system.  Please contact us if you need a special program, want to keep using an old program, or need to have software transferred to another computer. Contact us to discuss options.

mouse holding computer

System Setups

Whether purchased  from us or somewhere else, Dok can set it up for you!

Most brand-new computers require:

  • Initial Windows setup and updates
  • Installation and charging of battery (laptops)
  • Installation of preferred Antivirus software
  • Removal of unwanted trial versions of software or games
  • Data and program transfers
mouse holding computer

Apple Units

We provide general Apple device support and limited repairs for hardware no longer under warranty, including:

  • Analysis of hardware status and issues, including iPads and iPhones
  • Bypass of failing internal iMac HD with Thunderbolt solution
  • Data recovery
  • Data transfer to new Apple system
  • External backups and Time Machine setups
  • Reinstallation/upgrade of operating system
  • Resolving software problems
  • Setup of new unit
  • Virus removal

Note: We are not a certified Apple repair center or in anyway connected to Apple Inc. We do not service iPhones or iPad hardware.

Personal classes

Want to get the most out of your computer? Having trouble with your setup? Annoyed with some personal computer tasks?

Dok Klaus can sit with you in a 1-on-1 session and explain things in a straightforward, easy to remember manner. No tech skills required!

We generally offer classes in 20-minute and 60-minute blocks. You can:

  • Call our office at (540) 428-2376 or email us at
  • 20 minute classes can be scheduled during the day
  • 60 minute classes are scheduled according to availability at 5 PM.  

Please note: Dok highly recommends that you bring a prepared list of questions and topics. 

klausi-mausi classes

Remote Service

In some cases it might be faster and more cost effective for you to let us address your computer problem via a remote session.

Please contact us to discuss the problem first.

If your problem can be addressed remotely, we set up a time and date for the session.

Click here to pay your minimum remote service fee of $90.

How does a remote session work?

At the scheduled time, Dok will call you to start the remote session, either by doing the IURS or jumping right into the diagnosis and problem solving.

Once Dok is logged into your computer, you will see what Dok is doing on your system. As needed, Dok will stay in touch via phone. Please close all programs that are not relevant to your problem. Your privacy is important to us. After the remote service is done, Dok will contact you with the results.

To save time and money in future remote sessions, Dok recommends leaving the IURS on the system.

Emergency Services

Dok understands that sometimes a client needs a service done ASAP!

An extra $150 fee will be charged if we accept an emergency case.

There’s an additional surcharge for weekend emergency service.

An emergency service job is our top priority, but the following issues can delay the process:

  • Can’t reach you for necessary questions or feedback
  • Missing information/details such as usernames and passwords
  • Parts that need to be ordered

House Calls

Yes, the Dok makes house calls for home and businesses.  Call the office at (540) 428 2376 for availability.

Same day service is possible for an emergency fee. Dok recommends contacting the office first to discuss the issue and options (remote support might be faster). 

Note:  For repair of a computer unit, Dok prefers to get the computer to the shop to perform an internal system backup to secure your data. If you prefer to have Dok do the repair at your house, and don’t have a current back-up, there is risk of data loss. 

Support Availability

During business hours you can:

Outside business hours – Please leave a detailed message with your contact information, and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible during business hours.


Dok warrants its service for 7 days after pickup. Parts and software are subject to Manufacturer’s Warranty and 7 day DKCC service policy only. Parts returned during this period are subject to a restocking fee of 20%.

Dok Mobile

Additional Services

PC Tune-up

We recommend a comprehensive, yearly tune-up for your computer, to keep it running at top performance.

Dok’s PC Tune-up includes:

  • Antivirus status check
  • Dustout with compressed air, as needed
  • Hard drive fitness check
  • Operation speed check
  • Recommendations for optimal performance
  • Remote check for viruses/spyware/cyber threats
  • Removal of Temporary files
  • Visual inspection of hardware
  • Windows log files check
New Computer Purchase

Shopping for a new computer? Dok and his team provide in-person and email consultations to help you find the right system for your needs.

We offer:

  • Custom setups
  • Refurbished units
  • Select computers in stock
  • Special orders
Computers and Parts

We offer an assortment of products for sale including:

  • New computers
  • Refurbished computers
  • Components and accessories
  • Legacy and hard-to-find parts

Contact us if you have questions.

Custom Computer Design

Need more than the usual PC or laptop options on sale? We can design a custom system to fit your needs, whether you want a gaming, engineering, or super-quiet system. Provide your own parts or have us find and specially order the perfect parts for your custom computer.


We are your IT partner for figuring out ways to lower costs and improve your productivity. Single point of contact for all hardware and software assistance.

Business Needs

In our area, we are recognized as a leader in helping small and medium-sized businesses to design, protect, and maintain their IT systems in a cost-effective manner. 

Services include:

  • Backup options
  • Data management
  • Email options
  • Financial software installation
  • Internet connectivity
  • Office products
  • Security and passwords
  • System setups
    Anti-virus Software

    Dok Klaus Computer Care checks Microsoft based systems to make sure the Antivirus program is up-to-date. Using multiple Antivirus programs is bad for the system. Dok favors BitDefender cybersecurity software.

    Miscellaneous Services

    Services Dok offers on an as needed basis:

    • Data consolidation and organization
    • Digitizing old photos, documents, and slides
    • Erase data or hard drive wipe
    • Hardware recycling
    • USB stick repair