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Technology and Children

I was recently asked if I had any advice for parents who would like their children to enjoy technology as well as use it in their education.

Today's children are internet natives who often run circles on their computers and smartphones around their grandparents, and sometimes their parents, too. It is definitely not easy for parents to encourage their kids to use but not abuse technology and its possibilities. Here are just a few of my tips. One idea is to subscribe to a technology magazine that parents and kids can read and discuss together.  Another is to engage them in conversations about IT by taking them to technology fairs, exhibition, and shows. How about watching TV shows about science together?  Make learning an adventure by asking challenging questions and letting them research answers on the web. Of course, there are many technology related after-school activities for kids. Recently, a group of high school students visited my store as part of a fundraiser for their “robotic science project.” There are many online programs for teaching the basics of programming to kids; one of the most widely used is Scratch. Games that promote logical thinking are helpful, too. Chess may be considered old fashioned by some, but is still one of the best intellectual training grounds for young and old alike. While engaging your children, don't forget to set reasonable limits, and teach responsible, safe use of smartphones, the internet, and social media. Many parents exercise parental controls, filters, and barriers on inappropriate or harmful content. Some use programs such as Net Nanny to monitor activity. But the key is doing things together! There are so many ways to enjoy and learn new programs, games, and tools together, and along the way, practice healthy computer use habits.

Give Your Computer the Gift of a Solid State Drive!

This season, Dok Klaus highly recommends upgrading your internal hard drive to a solid state one (SSD). Dok Klaus offers the possibility of imaging your old, slower, and more fragile hard drive to a new solid state drive. The SSD does not have any moving parts; if you should drop the laptop, the drive is much more likely to survive the impact. If your data is essential, this is a key factor. The SDD consumes less energy, so the system runs cooler and can last longer on battery power. And with a solid state drive, your computer runs faster, too.  They have become very affordable, starting as low as $60; some even come with an up to 10 year warranty. So this year, give your favorite computer the gift of a solid state hard drive; you’re sure to be impressed with the results!

Watch out for Windows 10

Thinking about upgrading to Windows 10?


If you have Windows 7 or 8, you might be seeing pop-ups advising you to upgrade to Windows 10. Like any new operating system, it has advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of cool security features such as fingerprint, facial, and voice recognition, but you might not be able to take advantage of them on your current computer. Future PCs will be equipped with special webcams for using state of the art biometric security features. Windows 10 asks for more control. On the other hand, it binds your devices together and enables you to log in from any device that you have registered on your “one drive.”


Want to go ahead with it? You can do this for free until the end of July 2016 from Windows 7 and 8.1, but the Dok advises waiting until 2016. In November 2015 a big update is scheduled; it usually takes several months to get all of the bugs out of a major update.  Also keep in mind that the free Windows 10 upgrade will happen “in place,” meaning that if it doesn’t finish installing or work correctly, you might lose information or have trouble with starting up. Dok’s seen issues with  blinking screens and frozen desktops, too. So if you decide to upgrade, first make sure you make a full backup or image.


Recently, Dok’s seen lots of trouble with “do it yourself upgrades.” They were generally not caused by the upgrade itself, but during the process the system was messed up. In most cases, Dok found that the computer was infected, the hard drive was on its last legs, the operating system was corrupt, or an incompatible antivirus had been installed. If you haven’t had your computer checked out recently, it might be better to bring it in to the Dok for a thorough diagnosis before going ahead with Windows 10.

If you want to know more, check out Dok’s recent article in the November issue of Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine.

Dok Klaus Has Moved!

Dok Klaus Computer Care HAS MOVED! 
You will find us in our new white building with spacious parking @ 335 Waterloo St. Warrenton VA, 20186.
It's the 2nd house up from Sullivan St., close to the intersection of Broadview Ave and Frost Ave (211).


Have you seen a pop-up announcing “Windows XP End of Support is on April 8th , 2014” ?

Windows XP end of life

If so, then you have one of the about half-a-billion Windows XP systems that haven’t been upgraded yet. I own a couple of these, too. What will happen after Microsoft stops delivering essential Windows XP security updates? The good news is that the system should keep on working. The bad news is that it will become gradually more insecure. Hackers will find more security holes and create viruses that can compromise your data and system. If you never connect your system to a network or the internet, these issue will not effect you. But without adequate security, your system is at risk. Until now, Microsoft released regular patches and updates that would fix or patch holes in the system. If Microsoft follows through, this will stop. We hope that if something really bad hits systems, one or two updates may be released. But who knows! And don’t think that a good Antivirus software can prevent all possible problems.



Be aware of Ransomware! You might not have heard about this breed of viruses that get into your computer. And there's a new computer virus out that can even encrypt your data files.

A Ransomware virus usually begins with a pop-up screen telling you that your unit has been infected with hundreds of viruses and that you need to buy a program like “Superantivirus pro 2013” to get rid of them (often they ask for about $80). These viruses are also called “Fake-Antivirus,” because they do not deliver what they promise. On the contrary, you are being lied to. After you pay the money, the program turns off the fake messages, but leaves your computer infected with the fake-Antivirus. Even though you might not get fake messages for a while, it's still there. After you have paid the money you might think all is fine, but remember, you gave them your credit card information.


Graphics Tablet: The Key To Digital Art

If you've ever had a PC for more than a few days, you've experimented with Microsoft Paint. We've all tried our hand at drawing something on the computer with a mouse or touchpad. And lets face the truth: unless you are at all experienced in the techniques of pixel art, it probably ended up looking like a convoluted mess, a pile of disjointed pixels resembling a plate of spaghetti made with tiny legos. I will admit, even as an illustrator and entertainment art hopeful, I still can't make a single drawing with a mouse or touchpad without it looking awful. And even if I could, it would take a prohibitive amount of time. Something about the whole thing just feels counterintuitive! What is the secret, then, behind digital illustration and paintings? If I can't draw worth a dime with a mouse, how is it I have been able to illustrate the advertisements for Dok Klaus Computer Care for so long?

Two words: graphics tablet.


Has Your Business Changed?

The Future is Social Business

Your customers and vendors have changed. They are now expecting information about your products and services to flow instantly.

This is true in almost all types of businesses. The good news is that in addition to the changes, most of the core practices have remained untouched. The web now is no more intimate and local. It has taken a subtle shift. You experience this everyday when you are the customer. Building relationships with your customers and vendors is easier than ever before.


What’s up Dok with Windows 8?

Dok Klaus

In October 2012, Microsoft released its latest operating system. Windows 8. The big question consumers have, is it worth upgrading or buying?

From what I can see so far, Windows 8 is just a revamped Windows 7, but with a new look and touch. Windows 8 envisions the future and accommodates the way we use computers today. I am not just talking about desktops and notebooks. Think of all of those smart phones, tablets, touch screens, televisions, and more!


Going Google with Google Drive

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    When cruising the internet, there are more factors that could slow your computer down than just connectivity! Opening up too many tabs in your internet browser could slow you down, or worse, make your browser crash!
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